Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Classes now Open for Registration

(Please note the revised start dates)

Mandarin Level 1 - Thu 6PM-7:30, starts April 3. $100, 10 weeks
Mandarin Level 2 - Tues 6PM-7:30, starts April 1. $100, 10 weeks
Mandarin Level 3 - Tue 7:30-9PM, starts April 1. $100, 10 weeks
Mandarin Level 4 - Wed 6PM to 7:30, starts April 2. $100, 10 weeks
Chinese TV show - Thu 7:30-9PM, starts April 3. $100, 10 weeks
Reading/Conversation - Wed 6PM-7:30, starts April 2 $100, 10 weeks
Intermediate 4 - Thu 6PM-7:30, starts  April 3 $100, 10 weeks

Mandarin Level 1-3. This series will introduce you to Mandarin Chinese. We start with the basics of pronunciation, pinyin and grammar. These classes are designed for your participation. Our custom designed materials are web accessible and available as handouts. By the end of this sequence you will have a firm grasp of pronunciation and basic grammar, as well as a substantial vocabulary of practical words used in China today. Teachers include Jingjing Song, Liu Lin and Qi Jin Yi.

Mandarin Level 4-6. This series continues our tradition of highly interactive class sessions and introduces Chinese characters using the "Conversational Chinese 301" textbooks.  Students in this series are transitioning from sentence level comprehension to communication strategies.

Chinese TV: Jia You Er Nu. Get in touch with modern Chinese culture and language through a Chinese sit-com. Not only is the program humorous and engaging, but the language practical and Chinese characters are not required. The class is a balance between structured learning and natural conversation. Each week we work out the expressions used by the characters and integrate them in our discussions. Led by Ann Zhu.

Intermediate Level 4. This class uses a textbook "Short Term Conversational Mandarin Level 2" that is mostly Chinese characters and contains a lot of useful grammar and vocabulary.  Class time will be spent practicing the sentences in teacher led dialog.  It is challenging and fun. Led by Ann Zhu.

Reading and Conversation:  Our most popular class. Each quarter we read a short book, designed for beginning learners.  Each book is chosen from the "Chinese Breeze" series.  These books tell an interesting and engaging story using simple words.  This is an excellent choice for students who are interested in up-leveling their reading and speaking skill.  Led by Sally Zhao.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mandarin Tutoring Available

We now have several teachers available for tutoring online and offline most hours of the day. The basic cost of tutoring is $25 per hour, and costs do increase if there is travel involved. We apply the same principals to tutoring that we use in the classroom: Make it easy, make it memorable and make it fun :o)

We can also bring the class to your school or business.

Send us an email describing what you are looking for and your time constraints. We will be happy to work with you to find the optimal arrangement.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Best Methods for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Effective Chinese is committed to making it easier to learn Chinese, by offering a well designed course, with engaging classroom activities, and convenient online materials.

We feature:
- Instructors who are native speakers, experienced, and enthusiastic about your success
- Evening classes, centrally located in downtown Portland, Oregon
- Interactive classroom activities that facilitate internalization of the language
- Online materials that reinforce and expand on the classroom activities

Our approach to learning is simple. We introduce the language incrementally so you learn steadily without being overwhelmed. In the classroom you participate in activities that make the language easier to understand and harder to forget.  And between classes our mobile accessible materials allow you to review and preview, so you can come to class ready to participate.

This program is for people who don't have a lot of extra time . We make the most out of classroom time with engaging in activities that are hard to do elsewhere - practice the language, and providing a rich online experience for use between classes.

We constantly evaluate new materials and technologies for inclusion, so you can be sure you are getting the best learning environment available.