• Translator Apps will Improve your Mandarin

    Translator Apps will Improve your Mandarin

    Microsoft Translator and Google Translate are powerful tools for learning languages. I think MS Translator is a little better with tones. But both are good. A translator app will allow you to determine which words you can pronounce and which ones need work. It will also let you know which sentences you are pronouncing correctly. Scroll down and click ...

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  • Wǒ xiān zǒu le

    Wǒ xiān zǒu le

    A common expression used by Chinese people is 我先走了 (Wǒ xiān zǒu le). Literally translated it means “I am leaving first”. This typical way of saying good-bye is used when leaving a group earlier than others. It is kind of like “I gotta get going”. Listen to the exchange below by clicking on first column. To check out the vo...

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  • Double Seven Festival

    Double Seven Festival

    The Double Seven festival occurs on the 7th day of the 7th month of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. This day is also known as Chinese Valentines day. This year (2019) the festival lands on August 7th. Ancient Story This day is a special day for two romantic characters banished from heaven and Earth. The girl, Zhīnǚ (织女), was a weaver of fine...

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  • Wine Tasting

    Wine Tasting

    This lesson has something for almost everyone: beginner, secondary, and intermediate. Even Kermit can learn something from this post. Beginner Level Gānbēi is the Chinese equivalent of “Cheers”. Literally it means “dry cup”. But you don’t have to feel obligated. Unless you are the guest of honor, in which case you pretty...

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  • Ordering Bubble Tea

    Ordering Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea is a hugely popular in Taiwan, China and the US. Personally, I just don’t get it. Those tapioca pearls are just weird. But if you like them, you can turn the ordering process into a Mandarin learning event. Learn how to order bubble tea Listen to the first video and then return here to sharpen your skills with the dialog below. ...

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